MEET THE GANG (That Science Gang)

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David Lampard

Creative Director
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Paul Crocker

Company Director

Amanda Rowe

Technical Manager

Mark Simeon


Rodney Hutton

Sound Designer

Abby Hampton

Professor Lexi Con
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PJ Oaten

Dewey Dean

Emma Bargery

Professor Lexi Con

Sharon Robertson

Voice Over Artist


Awesome SCIENCE! Awesome FUN!


That Science Gang is an award-winning theatre company that creates science-inspired theatre for young people and their families.

We live in an ever-evolving world. A world that can seem big, scary and over-whelming. At That Science Gang we seek to create compelling scenarios and stories that prompt audiences to ask questions about the world around them -- and better equip them to face an uncertain future.

We understand that theatre is a powerful tool that can be used to heighten emotions, prompt conversation and create real change -- in attitudes, choices and behaviour.

At That Science Gang we produce "Science Theatre". That is, character-driven, science-infused theatre. It's an exciting realm of endlessly fantastic possibilities... for story-telling, rich visual landscapes and awe-inspiring experiences. 

That Science Gang was created by David Lampard -- from the alchemical blending of twin careers in theatre (director, designer, writer, performer) and science communication (writer, TV presenter, educator). For him, Science Theatre seemed a next logical step. Somewhat wonderfully, a gang of terrifically talented collaborating minds — both theatrical and scientifical — have since joined his adventures...  

Previous productions have included Rock Chick & Science Geek, a series of scientific rock musicals, as well as Just Add Water, a game show about water (produced for SA Water). Other work has been produced for or in partnership with the Adelaide Cabaret Festival, the Adelaide Festival Centre's Something on Saturday program, the RiAus, the Adelaide Football Club and National Science Week.

In 2019, That Science Gang debuted two new Science Theatre productions for the Adelaide Fringe Festival — This Show is NOT Rubbish! and The Alphabet of Awesome Science. Both of these works have subsequently won multiple awards, and The Alphabet of Awesome Science will begin a massive national tour in 2022.  

And we're just getting started!

In 2022, That Science Gang will debut a biological, vaudeville-inspired musical called You are a Doughnut...

After that we have plans for a culinary rock opera, an eco-themed 'escape room' and a zoological puppetry extravaganza...

We can't wait to share many more awe-inspiring stories! 

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