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MEET THE GANG (That Science Gang)

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David Lampard

Creative Director

Amanda Rowe

Technical Manager

Abby Hampton

Professor Lexi Con
PJ 2016_edited.jpg

PJ Oaten

Dewey Dean

Rod Schultz

Oesoph A. Gus
Company Director — Paul Crocker
Composer — Mark Simeon Ferguson
Sound Designer — Rodney Hutton
Performer (Swing) — Emma Bargery
Voiceover Artist — Sharon Robertson
The Gang


Awesome SCIENCE! Awesome FUN!


That Science Gang is an award-winning theatre company that creates science-inspired theatre for young people and their families.

We live in an ever-evolving world. A world that can seem big, scary and over-whelming. At That Science Gang we seek to create compelling theatre experiences that prompt audiences to ask questions about that world -- and better equip them to face an uncertain future.

We understand that theatre is a powerful tool that can be used to heighten emotions, prompt conversation and create real change -- in attitudes, choices and behaviour.

At That Science Gang we produce "Science Theatre" — character-driven, science-infused theatre. It's an exciting realm of endlessly fantastic possibilities... for story-telling, rich visual landscapes and awe-inspiring experiences!

That Science Gang was created by David Lampard -- from the alchemical blending of twin careers in theatre (director, designer, writer, performer) and science communication (writer, TV presenter, educator). For him, Science Theatre seemed a next logical step. Somewhat wonderfully, a gang of terrifically talented collaborating minds — both theatrical and scientifical — have since joined his adventures...  

In 2023 we will have two theatre productions touring the country — The Alphabet of Awesome Science and You Are a Doughnut. Check out each shows website for gig guides and more information!

We can't wait to share many more awe-inspiring stories! 

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