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Turning trash into (scientific) treasure...

Let's Explore... PRESSURE

This Show is NOT Rubbish! is a fabulously inventive web series that playfully examines all those things that humans tend to absently throw away — using trash, rubbish and litter to create moment after moment of spectacle and surprise.



It's the very first episode!


(Well, a very special introductory episode...)


Meet the Trash Can Man (and the Thing in The Bin) and prepare for an epic journey into junk...

EPISODE 1: Wired for Sound

Hidden inside every pile of refuse and rejectamenta are a billion different possibilities...


In this episode, Trashy creates the most extraordinary sound from a very ordinary object.  

EPISODE 2: Who Can?

In this episode, the Trash Can Man (and the Thing in the Bin) would like to introduce you to the latest in voice-activated technology... the iCan!  

EPISODE 3: Loopy 

Do you like magic?


The Trash Can Man has a fabulously loopy 'magic' trick to share with you this episode... that you can try out at home (or school / or wherever you like!).  

EPISODE 4: This Sucks!

Slurp up some spinny science as the Trash Can Man splashes the Thing in The Bin with a clever little doohickey that you'll definitely want to make at home...

EPISODE 5: Weeeeeeeee!

This episode is a little gross. BUT, it's also really interesting. AND, there's a fireball! 


(But also, it's a little gross...!)

EPISODE 6: In the Bag

It's 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, BLAST OFF... with an ordinary scrap of kitchen waste!


Rocket science is just a cup of tea away...  

EPISODE 7: Reverse Pitch

In this episode the Trash Can Man produces two very different sounds from a piece of rubbish.


Plus, there's a musical number!


(Well... sort of...!)

EPISODE 8: Crafty Hover 

In this episode The Trash Can Man combines three trashy things to create a fabulously floaty toy... and then goes bowling! 

EPISODE 9: Decorative Vegetable

Celery. It's just so GREEN! But, it doesn't have to be...


Find out how to turn this crunchy vegetable into something that's as decorative as it is delicious!  

EPISODE 10: This is Lit

Before turning this episode's featured object into trash, the Trash Can Man uses it to do some pretty spectacular science!  

EPISODE 11: Bottled Up

In this episode Trashy attempts to catch a cloud in a piece of trash.


(SPOILER ALERT! He manages to achieve this remarkable feat... in two different ways!)

EPISODE 12: Wing on a String

WARNING! This episode contains singing (and very bad guitar playing!). It also uses trash to begin an exploration of the science of flight...

EPISODE 13: How A-peeling! 

We've thrown EVERYTHING into this episode...


There's bad jokes, juggling, explosions, fireballs and even a spider (but don't worry, it's just a little animated one!).

EPISODE 14: Roll up! Roll up!

There are roughly a billion different uses for a toilet paper tube - including some scientific ones!


Trashy has a few tricks up his sleeve in this fun episode...

EPISODE 15: Smoke Doughnuts

Everyone loves a doughnut. But, have you ever tried a smoke doughnut?


These aren't so much for eating as they are for staring at in wonder...

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