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Join science communicator David Lampard in our first web series — Let's Explore...


Let's Explore began as a 'lockdown project' in 2020. We're hoping to return to this show in the near future to create more fun-filled episodes. Until then, jump in and explore the science of PRESSURE in SEASON 1 below...


Let's Explore... PRESSURE


Add a little pressure and all sorts of things are bound to happen...

Meet your host David Lampard in this introductory episode.

Let's Explore... PRESSURE!

EPISODE 1: Nailed it!

High heels and sand are not the greatest of combinations!


Discover the reason why as David get's right to the point with a bed of nails and a balloon...

...and then takes to the beach in a pair of faaabulous heels!

EPISODE 2: Chalk and Cheese

In some ways water and air are very similar BUT, in other ways they are like chalk and cheese.

Discover the differences and similarities in this splashy splash episode!

EPISODE 3: Nothing Sucks!  

Nothing in science sucks.

It's true! Find out why in this episode -- as David shares one of his favourite ever science demonstrations.

You'll also discover the science of breathing -- with a set of balloon lungs! 

EPISODE 4: Blow by Blow

Roll up! Roll up! It's time for a trip to the circus... and then the beach!

In this episode, David uses Bernoulli's principle to float all sorts of objects in the air...

You'll definitely want to try this at home!

EPISODE 5: Explode and Implode

It's the final episode in the first season of Let's Explore... and David's blowing things up -- as well as blowing things in...

It's an explosive -- as well as implosive -- finale!

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