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5 to 12


60 Minutes


Theatres & Festivals


David Lampard

Join your favourite teacher Oesoph A. Gus and class clown Dewey Dean for a vaudevillian tour through the human digestive system...

This is the musical / comedy / adventure  ​that you've been waiting for! 

YOU are a doughnut! A great big fleshy lump with a hole running through the centre — otherwise know as your digestive system! Oesoph and Dewey can't wait to take you on a tour of every twisting tube and remarkable organ -- with sketches, songs and sensational science demonstrations.


It's a biological variety hour! (With puppets!)

DEBUTING in 2022

You Are a Doughnut will debut at the Adelaide Fringe Festival (February / March) and then perform at the Wyndham Cultural Centre in Melbourne (April). Check out our GIG GUIDE for more details.

That Science Gang is being supported by an Adelaide Fringe Festival Artist Fund Grant to create this new work.

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