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That Science Gang’s Sensational Science Shows are an exciting series of interactive, scientific performances for students in Years R to 7. Our shows blend fascinating (and spectacular!) science with slick comedy and engaging storytelling to create fun and surprising performances that ENGAGE, ENTERTAIN and EDUCATE. As a group of professional science communicators and performers, we are committed to creating and delivering high quality and memorable science experiences that FASCINATESURPRISE and MOTIVATE – provoking scientific THOUGHT and DISCUSSION.


That Science Gang’s shows have have been performed for hundreds of thousands of students in schools across South Australia and Tasmania since 2002. We look forward to visiting your school in 2020.


All of our shows are STEM focussed with links to the Australian Curriculum.

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That Science Show about...


Slip and slide your way through this wet, weird and wonderful show that dramatically examines the world’s most precious resource – water. 


We’ll explore what water is, what it can do and why it is so important. Along the way you’ll squirt, spin, soak, stick, stretch and splash water in all sorts of fun and surprising ways – revealing the fundamental properties of this vital liquid. 


This is that science show where… water is stretched into epic bubbles, the heat capacity of water is tested with a flame-resistant balloon and snow is created in a matter of moments! You’ll also discover how reservoir water is turned into drinking water…


Oh, and watch out for the rather spectacular fireball (that produces water as a by-product)!


The water cycle, states of matter, cohesion and adhesion, heat capacity, water scarcity, sustainability, life, water treatment, super absorbent polymers, combustion, mixtures... and so much more!

That Science Show about...


Add a little pressure and all sorts of surprising things are bound to happen…


From deep space to deep water, this is a show that goes to extremes! Along the way you’ll squash, stretch, push, pull, squeak, squawk, float and fly – exploring an intriguing series of high (and low) pressure situations. 


This is that science show where… clouds form in an instant, beach balls float in mid-air, smoky air donuts fill the air and a captivating series of rockets take flight! You’ll also discover the pointy peculiarities of a bed of nails…


Not a precious pressured second is wasted in this pressure-cooker of a show!


Effects of pressure on liquids and gases, atmospheric pressure, pressure at depth, energy, matter, cloud formation, surface area, sound, respiration, rocket science, Newton's third law of motion... and so much more!



Frankston & Mornington Peninsula

April 20 to May 8 | Term 2, Weeks 2 to 4

Metropolitan MelbourneAAAP

April 20 to May 8 | Term 2, Weeks 2 to 4

June 8 to 19 | Term 2, Weeks 9 & 10

July 13 to 17 | Term 3, Week 1

October 5 to 9 | Term 4, Week 1


Hobart & Regional Tasmania

September 7 to 18 | Term 3, Weeks 8 & 9 


Metropolitan Adelaide

March 16 to 27 | Term 1, Weeks 8 & 9

July 27 to 31 | Term 3, Week 2

August 24 to 28 | Term 3, Week 6

Roxby Downs & Port Augusta

February 17 to 20 | Term 1, Week 5

Port Lincoln & Whyalla

February 24 to 28 | Term 1, Week 5

Mount Gambier & Limetsome Coast

June 22 to July 3 | Term 2, Weeks 9 & 10


October 26 to 30 | Term 4, Week 3




July 20 to 24 | Term 3, Week 2



David Lampard BSc, Grad Dip Sci Comm

David has been presenting science shows (in all sorts of formats)  since graduating from the ANU / Questacon Science Circus in  1997. 

A passionate science communicator, David has worked as a TV presenter and writer (Channel 9's Y?, ABC's Behind the News, ABC Asia Pacific's Nexus) as well as a writer for newspapers and magazines. He is even a published illustrator!

David's other career is as theatre designer and director (www.davidlampard.com). In recent years, he has begun combining his twin passions -- science and theatre -- to create a series of science theatre pieces... including  rock musicals, games shows and character-driven works.


He is perhaps happiest creating and presenting one of That Science Gang's Sensational Science Shows! There is nothing more exciting than taking ordinary objects and making them do extraordinary things -- and then listening to the "oohs and aahs"  of a student crowd as they are simultaneously amazed and discover something new.

He looks forward to visiting YOUR school very soon with an his exciting collection of science demonstrations, cheeky humour and vibrant showmanship.






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